Carter is one of the most versatile fishing pros out there. He is the host of the Outdoor Channel's "The Obsession of Carter Andrews" and is the host and navigator of “Legendary Catch”, a new adventure program on the NatGeo channel. Carter recently graduated from our SC125 model to a Heavy Duty HD140 linewinder.

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Spenser is a full-time fishing guide and founder of Big Bite Adventures located in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. He spends nearly every day on the water chasing fish across North America in trophy-caliber waters, giving his guests the chance to catch the biggest bite of their lives. Spenser is passionate about fishing and his Triangle Sport SC125 linewinder.

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"If life wasn't easy 

  before, it's perfect

  now with my new

  HD140 linewinder.

  I can get thousands of

  yards of perfectly

  spooled line in no time."

  Carter Andrews

"I can't tell you how long

  I've spooled line by

  hand. Those days are

  done! If you want the

  tightest, cleanest

  spooled line, this is the

  only way. AMAZING


   Spenser Samplawski