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Carter is one of the most versatile fishing pros out there. He is the host of the Outdoor Channel's "The Obsession of Carter Andrews" and is the host and navigator of “Legendary Catch”, a new adventure program on the NatGeo channel. Carter recently graduated from our SC125 model to a Heavy Duty HD140 linewinder.

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"If life wasn't easy before, it's perfect now with my new HD140 linewinder. 
I can get thousands of 
yards of perfectly spooled line in no time."
Carter Andrews

Spenser is a full-time fishing guide and founder of Big Bite Adventures located in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. He spends nearly every day on the water chasing fish across North America in trophy-caliber waters, giving his guests the chance to catch the biggest bite of their lives. Spenser is passionate about fishing and his Triangle Sport SC125 linewinder.

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"I can't tell you how long I've spooled line by hand. Those days are done! If you want the tightest, cleanest 
spooled line, this is the only way. AMAZING TOOL!"
Spenser Samplawski

Throughout his childhood in Florida, fishing was George’s true passion. He dreamed of one day becoming a famous fisherman like his television idols. After 15 years working in the stressful field of emergency medicine, he decided to follow his dreams and make fishing his full-time career. After obtaining his captain’s license in 2004 he became a successful saltwater guide and was a frequent guest host on popular fishing shows. After 8 seasons hosting “Reel Time Florida Sportsman” he started a new project in 2019 and launched “Unfathomed Fishing” on YouTube. George spools on a HD140 linewinder.

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"What used to be a chore is now a treat! The HD140 has made the task of filling my reels with line quick and painless. It’s the one tool every serious fisherman should own."
Capt. George Gozdz


Greg Mayer Image

 “We use close to 50 different rod and reels on the Frenzy every season. We don’t cut corners. When it's time to respool, we trust our Triangle Sport HD140 Linewinder to insure the line is fresh and tightly packed on the reels.”

Greg Mayer

Greg Mayer has been fishing professionally for nearly 30 years. He has fished from Maine to Florida, the Bahamas to Mexico and even Baja California, catching everything from fluke and marlin to wahoo and giant bluefin tuna. Since 1999 Greg has been at the helm of the Fishin’ Frenzy in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is a featured Captain on the NatGeo channel hit show “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.” Greg spools his line on a Heavy Duty HD140 linewinder.

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“I am really enjoying my experience with my new HD140. I love the ease of putting my spool on and locking in the tension. The reel hooks in so securely that I don’t worry about it loosening up, and “driving” with the foot pedal makes for a smooth and controlled ride.”
Moe Newman

Moe & Eric Newman Image

Journey South Outfitters is the husband/wife team of Moe and Eric Newman, who excel in the diverse fishery of Venice, La. Moe has been fishing the Gulf Coast since childhood, mastering conventional gear and fly fishing. She is the only female offshore guide and captain along the Gulf Coast.


Eric grew up fishing the waters of South Louisiana, combining his passion for fishing, Louisiana lifestyle and cooking in the kitchens of fine restaurants. Together they have brought their vision of providing an ultimate fishing experience with southern hospitality to life with Journey South. They spool their line on a Heavy Duty HD140 linewinder.

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For more than 90 years White’s Tackle has been outfitting inshore and offshore anglers with the best tackle and service imaginable. With four locations in Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Stuart and now Jupiter, Florida, White’s is legendary for its talented team of hard-core enthusiasts who have literally fished and hunted the globe learning tips and secrets from the best in the world. They are glad to pass them on to you.

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White's Tackle Image

"I’ve been in the tackle business since I was 15, and Triangle Sport Linewinders make spooling customers'
reels a breeze. I’m still spooling baitcasters to 130s on the same HD140 that I started with 23 years ago. It’s the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in our shops!"
Geoff Quatraro, General Manager

Carter Andrews
Spenser Samplawski
Greg Mayer
Whie's Tackle
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